Why Choose Captured Images?

Thank You for considering Captured Images!
kidsGary & Kylene believe every person is beautifully and wonderfully made and take great pride in capturing the uniqueness of you.  We treat you the same way we would want to be treated.  We work tirelessly to provide the same outstanding service and unforgettable experience to each of our clients.   Often, we first form a relationship with our clients from your Senior Portraits.  We provide stunning images that last for generations and provide an experience that encourages and excites. Frequently, our Senior’s come back for engagement and wedding portraits.  Then, we grow together as your family grows. We photograph your children even in the womb (maternity portraits) then through the years (Watch-Me-Grow Sessions) and family portraits. You may come to us as a client, but you will likely leave as close friends.  For most of our clients, we know how much you are looking forward to a photo session because we’ve been there along your life journey to this point.   For others, this may be your first professional experience and we can’t wait to meet you. We look forward to knowing you like family for years to come.
Gary has a great passion for portraiture (an image that artistically showcases the uniqueness of you to the rest of the world) and both he, and Kylene greatly appreciate your patronage that allows them to live their dream of working together and providing for their family while doing what they love.
Gary & Kylene Palmer